News of the Rope | congratulates Ropenet group co., LTD. In 2022, the third batch of provincial advanced manufacturing and modern service industry development pilot enterprises 2022-12-29

Recently, the provincial Development Commission issued the Notice on doing well the third batch of provincial Advanced Manufacturing and modern Service Industry Development Pilot work (LufaReform Service (2022) No. 975). Ropenet Group Co., Ltd. was successfully selected through the procedures of selecting the best, third-party review and demonstration, and the pilot period is 2 years.

Ropenet Group Co., Ltd. carries out pilot work with "New business mode project of rope mesh manufacturing Service Based on flexible customization and production platform sharing". Relying on industrial Internet and digital intelligent technology, aiming at the manufacturing and service development of rope mesh industry, Ropenet Group Co., LTD., through flexible customization of rope mesh products and sharing of production and research and development resources, starts from the manufacturing foundation established by the enterprise itself. Extend to the service field, promote manufacturing and service, and build a new business form and model of manufacturing service development in the rope network industry.