Technical parameters

The rope processed by the high-speed rope-making machine has high strength, beautiful appearance and neat arrangement, which reduces the labor cost, improves the production efficiency, and improves the product competitiveness.

Advantages of double twisting machine:

1. The cradle part

Each wire on the cradle has a new tension adjustment device, which can adjust the tension of each wire. The operation is simple and convenient, and the tensile strength and appearance quality of the rope are greatly improved.

2. Strand arm adopts four-twist arm double twist structure

     In the four-twist arm double-twist structure, the two inner and outer strand winding arms are driven by the same bottom shaft, and the rotation speeds are equal and the steering is opposite. Each twist of the strand winding arm adds four twists per revolution. Double.

3. Rope winding arm

The rotation speed of the double twist M33 rope winding arm is doubled compared with the traditional M33, so the double twist M33 rope making efficiency is doubled.